Solutions for ports

Automation and retrofit for port facilities. Efficient solutions for container terminals, crane systems and more. We create solutions.

Efficient handling of containers becomes more important, and due to the permanently competitive markets, our laser-based products and software solutions help enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety. The increasing level of automation in container terminals and high demand for risk reduction are the main challenges for port operators worldwide. In this area, our laser-based systems help detect, measure, and prevent collisions, designed for objects and machines like cranes, containers, transport vehicles, crane booms, and further types of equipment.

With the help of our laser scanners and software solutions, we contribute to increasing efficiency, productivity and, above all, safety. The modular design and the use of standardised and high-quality components enable the use in already existing infrastructures and technologies, e.g. for retrofit projects for modernisation.

We develop security solutions for almost every area of application in the port. The LASE systems ensure safe container handling, both at the quay during loading and unloading of the container ships  as well as in the landside handling areas  or even in the truck entry zones. The position measurement of the containers enables a safe, automatic or semi-automatic handling of the containers. In addition, our 1D, 2D and 3D laser measurement systems provide collision protection between handling machines, people, other machines and the container ship. The spectrum of LASE enables accurate stacking of containers and optimal positioning of trucks  or straddle carriers. The exact position measurement also enables a high degree of safety to be guaranteed here and optimised loading. These are just a few possibilities for using our laser measurement systems.

Learn more about our hardware and software solutions for port facilities in the products listed below!

 LaseASTOArea Surveillance Truck Operation  LaseTDSTwistlock Detection System
 LaseAYC-2Automatic Yard Crane  LaseTLPTruck Lifting Prevention
 LaseBCPBoom Collision Prevention  LaseTPS Truck Positioning System
 LaseGCPGantry Collision Prevention  LaseUCDUnremoved Cone Detection
 LaseLCPS Load Collision Prevention System  LaseYC-MF-1Multi-functional measurement system for yard crane
 LaseSPCStraddle Carrier Positioning Crane