Maritime International is a leading provider of products and services within the marine, civil and government sectors which include marine fenders and mooring bollards, engineering/design services, laboratory performance testing, heavy steel fabrication, and naval systems. The epicenter of the company is comprised of our technical staff. Every single product or service that we provide has been either created or supported by our Engineering Department. Whether it is marine fender and bollard design, front end specifications, budget assistance, or FEA analysis of steel structures, Maritime is able to help. For more than a decade, clients from around the world have utilized our technical expertise to save money and increase efficiencies. Our global staff of engineers and designers provide our clients with economical solutions through innovative design work. We recognize the importance of clearly listening to our clients needs before advising them with an engineered solution. This perspective provides our business partners with a high level of confidence in Maritime’s design capabilities, and it is this philosophy that has resulted in a substantial rate of repeat customers for the company.