Reefer data automation for accuracy, efficiency, and safety

Today, terminal automation is a frequent hot topic of discussion. But are driverless machines moving about a terminal our topic of concern?

NO – Let’s talk about data automation! 

Data automation in Reefer Monitoring

Data collection presents today’s modern reefer terminal with an opportunity to improve worker safety and increase operational efficiency. Because unlike dry containers, refrigerated containers, called reefers, require constant attention to ensure each maintains detailed temperature conditions. And deviations negatively affect cargo quality.

Without automated data collection, terminal workers must visually inspect each reefer routinely to verify the equipment’s condition and manually record the information in logbooks or tablets.

In many terminals, this can mean checking hundreds of containers stored across the yard. And what takes place between those long periods of manual inspections matters most. Those blind spots are prime times for failures and cargo losses to occur.

Does automated reefer monitoring increase accuracy?
Manual data collection can introduce casual human errors. Has your operation experienced transposed numbers, misread information, and incorrect setpoint configurations?

A system for automated reefer monitoring increases the terminal’s process efficiency. From remote locations on or off-site, the terminal operator can:

  • View the entire yard and efficiently review every reefer’s condition
  • Manage data collection and storage
  • Verify and adjust set points as necessary through a two-way communication system.

Failures affect outcomes

Failures affect outcomes

Did you know?
Improper temperature settings account for nearly 23% of all cargo loss incidents. Plus, another 30% of all losses are due to miscommunication of operational instructions.
An effective reefer monitoring system from RTE can help to avoid these failures.

Is worker safety affected by reefer automation?
Yes. In a positive way.

Naturally, no one wants an accident to occur, especially involving human injury. However, those who have walked a terminal yard know these are dangerous environments where humans and large mobile machines have the potential to interact. And fast-paced port environments require workers to pay close attention and care for their safety.

An automated reefer monitoring system for recording reefer data and managing setpoints and other variables reduces pedestrian traffic in the container yard and improves human safety.

Of course, no automation can completely replace a comprehensive safety training and compliance strategy. However, the inclusion of automation can have positive effects.

RTE provides reefer terminals with essential tools for automating data collection. 

Your employees deserve a safe and efficient working environment, while your customers demand data they can trust.

Contact RTE  for automated reefer data collection and retention solutions to help you stay competitive in an ever-changing refrigerated transport world.