Lets talk Hoppers and their role in the industry

 Many existing industry projects have design lives of many decades and must meet current and future demands by increasing the likelihood of returns on investments while also contributing to sustainability via effective use of resources and equipment.

With new practical and low-impact environmental demands on many businesses in regard to ship loading/unloading systems, our way of handling materials at SAMSON Materials Handling, part of AUMUND GROUP is also evolving. The Ecological Hoppers (or Eco-Hoppers) is an example of sophisticated engineering ideas that came to life under the influence of greener and more responsible practices.

Port operators rely largely on cutting-edge low-impact technology in their infrastructure investments to maximise the use and durability of current and future assets. Grains, mineral ores, coal and coke, cement clinker, biomass, phosphate, and other fertilisers are common bulk cargoes in ports. Handling these commodities produces dust clouds. Environmental effect may be reduced while processing these cargoes by installing new and better dust control filter systems on future equipment, or by converting existing ones.

Eco Hoppers can be suitably designed to receive bulk materials, which will be unloaded at the Quay area via a Crane Grab.

With integrated:

  • Tapered Inlet Shroud
  • Inner Hopper Isolation Shield
  • Flex-Flap Dust Seal System

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