Samson Eco-Hopper

A new member of the Eco-Hopper fleet joins the ranks in Canada.

Originally a project for x2 Eco-Hoppers transcends and reforms into a fleet of a total of 3 equipment as the newest equipment raises from the ashes like a phoenix after being in storage for some time. We are extremely proud to have found a home for this piece of equipment as it has been in storage for a while waiting for the perfect opportunity.

The Eco-Hoppers will handle Alumina, Coke, Clinker and Fertiliser in a port environment which will be unloaded at the Quay area via Crane Grabs and will then discharge direct to ongoing conveyors.

Under normal operating conditions the Eco-Hoppers will achieve a peak discharging rate of 400 tph. The Eco hopper design concept comprises of a specialised reception hopper unit incorporating Integral filter arrangement with a reverse jet filter media cleaning system which returns all material back in to the material stream.

In addition, the inlet system of the hopper is based on the SAMSON Flex-Flap design which reduces the volume of air necessary to control dust both from the opening grab and displaced air from material falling into the inner hopper below. This significantly contributes to the reduction of airflow reducing filter and power requirements of the equipment.

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