The new Puerto Williams’ dock in Chile, equipped with 20 ShibataFenderTeam Cell Fenders

Puerto Williams, the world’s southernmost populated city, sits on the Beagle Channel and serves as the capital of the Chilean Antarctic Province. 

The city is currently enhancing its infrastructure with the construction of the new multipurpose dock designed to accommodate the growing number of scientific and tourist vessels navigating the channel. The project recently saw the end of its initial stage, which involved the construction of a 130-meter front head for mooring, loading, and unloading of passengers and goods.

Working in partnership with the contractor, ShibataFenderTeam delivered 10 sets of Cell Fenders Systems (CSS 1450, G1.4) and 10 sets of Cell Fender Systems (CSS 1700, G1.0). The project scope also included 13 T-Head bollards of 30-tones capacity each.

Challenges emerged early in the project due to the limited concrete of the substructure. The SFT in-house engineering team therefore designed a customized solution, proposing special anchors that span thru the structure to safely secure the systems. Additionally, the extreme cold weather required careful material considerations. Selecting the appropriate grade of rubber, for example, ensured it would stiffen less, thereby maintaining optimal energy absorption and not compromising the fenders’ performance.

Although the dock has not yet been inaugurated, 39 cruise vessels are already scheduled to use the structure this year, once stage two of the project is completed. Whether at the doorstep of Antarctica or elsewhere, SFT is committed to showcasing our excellence and expertise, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality, no matter what the location.