Telestack Ltd (Press releases)

At the very heart of the Telestack Ports and Terminals business is their understanding and experience in the industry. Having generated decades of experience in the aggregates, mining and ports and terminals businesses, Telestack are one of the primary stalwarts of bulk material handling equipment. 

Telestack’s All Wheel Travel (AWT) technology has challenged and enabled port-based companies to change the way they handle their materials. The AWT functionality offers unrivalled mobility, flexibility and ease of use, making this feature one of the most exciting developments in the bulk handling industry in recent years and promises to revolutionise shiploading. The increasing interest in this technology reflects a growing trend among companies seeking to understand and implement the benefits that it could bring to their port.

Telestack were delighted to recently announce a new contract for the supply of x2 Mobile ship-loading systems for one of the world’s leading dredging, land marine engineering and off-shore energy companies – DEME Group (

DEME - AP D3-1500 Feeder - TB-52 - Feeder View

The system will consist of 2 Wheel Mounted Apron Steel Feeders and 2 TB 52 (170ft) Radial Telescopic Shiploaders for handling rock material to DEME Specialised Rock Installation Vessels.

The rocks are used in coastal engineering and shoreline protection projects. The purpose of using offshore rocks is to dissipate wave energy, reduce erosion, and protect coastal structures from the damaging effects of waves and currents. These rocks act as a barrier, absorbing and reflecting wave energy, which helps to prevent further erosion of the shoreline and maintain the stability of the surrounding areas.

The Telestack Mobile system will form a key part of the material handling process in loading this material to the specialised DEME Rock Installation Vessels.

DEME - 2 x AP D3-1500 Feeder - TB-52 – Shiploading

This contract reinforces Telestack’s stance in the Mobile Bulk Material Handling sector, showcasing their expertise in manufacturing tailored solutions that precisely addresses DEME’s requirements for handling larger rock materials.

Another example of Telestack paving the way in Customised Material Handling Solutions is the introduction of the ‘High Rise’ All Wheel Travel (AWT) solution. Before the development of the ‘high-rise’ system, mobile solutions would not be a viable option for those operations in a restricted jetty loading handymax/panamax type vessels. This would render the operator’s equipment selection limited to typical fixed conveyor systems or grab/mobile harbour crane systems. In modern developed Ports around the world, where space is such a commodity, certain infrastructures could only consider fixed systems as there was not enough space to allow for mobile operating systems, until the high-rise design eliminated this issue.

The Innovative TB 42 High Rise AWT – Shiploader

These AWT high-rise mobile shiploading systems represent a new generation of mobile solutions, offering the performance of traditional systems but with the added benefits of mobility, flexibility, and ultimately a lower cost per tonne achieved by increased production rates, reduced cycle times, and reduced labour costs – now within a restricted jetty.

Carl Donnelly, International Sales Manager with Telestack explains, “the All-Wheel Travel offers a range of steering modes available to tailor the manoeuvrability of the unit in accordance with the varying needs of the application, infrastructure and operator. For the customer, the customised nature of Telestack’s system was critical both in mobility and the environmental measures implemented when handling the hazardous material, this system proved to be the ultimate solution in this multi-purpose port.”

Telestack, a global leader in material handling solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in TOC Europe 2024, one of the most anticipated events in the Ports and Terminal industry. The event will take place in Rotterdam from 11th to 13th June bringing together professionals and innovators from across the sector.

Overall Layout – A TB 42 High Rise AWT Shiploader – 2x Titan Dual feed AWT 800-6 Bulk Reception Feeders

Carl Donnelly and Philip Waddell will attend TOC Europe as representatives of Telestack. Visitors can find Telestack at Booth D12, where they will demonstrate how Telestack’s #MovingToMobile solutions are #TriedAndTrusted. “We are excited to be a part of TOC Europe 2024 and to showcase Telestack’s latest innovations in material handling technology,” said Carl Donnelly, International Sales Managers at Telestack. “Our participation underscores our commitment to driving material handling excellence in ports and terminal with the overarching goal of supporting our customers in their pursuit of success.”

Telestack, specialists in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mobile, bulk material handling systems, have a global proven record in a range of applications including mining and quarrying, stockyard management, ports & inland terminals, power stations, rail yards, steel mills, cement kilns and many other bulk material handling industries. Telestack have matured into two clear divisions - Telestack Aggregates and Mining and Telestack Ports and Inland Terminals and offer a range of solutions and reference sites along the logistics chain from pit, to port to plant. Telestack have over 30 years of experience and a global list of application references and our enviable client list is ever growing.