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  • Euros

    The economic union is in disarray


    COMMENT: The European Economic Community made strident efforts to move the bloc to the next level, political union, embodied in the principles of the Economic Union (EU), writes Ben Hackett.

  • trade moves

    Not a smart policy


    The weaponising of trade strategically to achieve political supremacy is being honed by the Trump Administration globally, irrespective if the country at the receiving end is friend or foe, writes Ben Hackett

  • winter operations

    Put on warm winter clothes


    COMMENT: The Game of Thrones aficionados will fully understand the doomsday phrase that “winter is coming,” writes Ben Hackett

  • reality check

    Complacency or wishful thinking both lead to denial


    As the global economy faces the prospect of a potential recession, the maritime industry needs a reality check, writes Ben Hackett.

  • good, bad, ugly

    The good, the bad and the ugly


    COMMENT: The global economy is in a flux, not knowing what indicators to believe and trying to gauge the coming of a recession, writes Ben Hackett.

  • President Trump's latest tariff tweet announced more pain for China

    Heading for the rocks


    COMMENT: US President Donald Trump announced, in a tweet, that he would raise the 10% tariff on $200bn of Chinese imported goods to 25% and that an additional $325bn of imports would soon be hit with a 25% tariff as well. That about covers all imports from China, writes Ben ...

  • Where is the efficiency in abandoning large ships? Credit: John Fielding

    Sea of change or storm in a teacup?


    COMMENT: Shipping companies and ports are currently in somewhat of a quandary; they face criticism that ships are too large or too small, that alliances are harmful to customers and service providers such as ports, that they sail too slow or too fast and that they arrive too late or ...

  • News

    Sustained threats to Eurozone growth


    COMMENT: Only an optimist will fail to recognise weak growth figures as a skin-of-the-teeth avoidance of recession in parts of Europe, writes Ben Hackett.

  • Italy is officially in recession. Who's next?

    Be wary of unjustified optimism


    COMMENT: Ports, terminal operators and especially ship owners tend to look for any sign of optimism and then joyously go ahead and invest without paying too much attention to the downsides facing the maritime industry. This is especially true when economic indicators suggest that a recession is around the corner, ...

  • News

    Souring trade prospects dent port optimism


    COMMENT: As the stock market continues on its rollercoaster ride, the global trade situation is looking increasingly precarious, writes Ben Hackett.

  • News

    No end in sight to flat trade growth


    COMMENT: I''ve come to the realisation that using economic fundamentals to project trade next year is a futile effort, writes Ben Hackett.

  • News

    COMMENT: Spectre of global recession looms


    COMMENT: We should not be sanguine about the disarray in the world economic order that is enveloping us, writes Ben Hackett.

  • News

    Capacity excess, cargo deficit


    COMMENT: Globally there are far too many ports competing for the same clients and not earning enough revenue to cover the infrastructure demands of ever-larger ships, writes Ben Hackett.

  • News

    Trade war: an oxymoron?


    COMMENT: The world is clearly confused as to whether we definitely/maybe have a trade war on our hands, writes Ben Hackett.

  • The Trump administration is rapidly withdrawing from the global world order. Credit: tiburi, pixabay, CC0

    Here cometh the trade war


    COMMENT: Donald Trump went to the G7 meeting last month and effectively filed for divorce from Western democratic allies and aligned himself with President Putin. What can we read into this, asks Ben Hackett.

  • Ports are under increasing pressure as more 10,000-plus teu ships enter the market. Credit - Coast Guard News, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Can all this optimism be justified?


    COMMENT: Demand growth in volume terms remains buoyant at 5.2% in 2017 but does anyone remember the 15%-25% growth rates before the Great Recession, asks Ben Hackett.

  • News

    No upside to downward spiral of tariffs


    COMMENT: In recent months, global trade projections for 2018 were being upgraded almost as quickly as they were downgraded in previous years. Confidence had returned, and consumers and industry were keen to import and export goods, writes Ben Hackett.

  • Trump’s promise to slap levies on certain goods is bad for trade. Credit: Michael Vadon

    Tariff war threat is real


    COMMENT: It seems that a sense of madness has descended on the Trump administration and, in response, Europe is joining the madness, writes Ben Hackett.

  • Is the positivity of politicians and heads of states misfounded? Credit: World Economic Forum / Valeriano Di Domenico

    Overcoming the Davos hype


    COMMENT: The 48th meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos from January 23 to January 26 generated a huge amount of optimism about world growth prospects, with business leaders and heads of state falling over themselves to highlight their contributions and views, writes Ben Hackett.

  • Economic growth is improving, but ports are still under pressure

    Economic growth won't save everyone


    COMMENT: World trade is on a roll with growth not seen since 2010 and for a change it is synchronised across all major economies, writes Ben Hackett.