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  • Low base: Cai Mep is running at 30% capacity due to the failed promises of the Vietnamese government. CRedit: APM Terminals

    Vietnam needs to deliver on its promises


    COMMENT: The coordinating hand of government is an essential ingredient in infrastructure investment to generate a win: win for the investor and the host country concerned.

  • Cold shoulder: PortMiami supporters have turned their backs on David Beckham's stadium dreams. Credit: Nathan Forget

    Becks kicks up a storm


    David Beckham is jeopardising maritime sector growth in Miami by seeking to build a soccer stadium at the port of Miami. Or so an alliance of shipping interests and a billionaire car dealer believe.

  • Time out: Container development in Ukraine's Sevastopol may have to wait a little longer. Credit: Alexxx Malev

    The No 1 proponent of protectionism


    Comparatively recently, details of an opportunity were circulated relating to the development of a container gateway in the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

  • Fresh opportunity: the upcoming general election gives India a new chance on port tariff reforms. Credit: New Delhices

    Time to get to grip with reforms


    India’s 2013-14 GDP data will be released at the end of March and expectations are that it will be an even lower figure than the decade-low of 5% achieved at the end of March 2013.

  • Mogadishu is trying to shift its reputation for violence

    Holidays in Mogadishu


    It is a big step from the images presented by the 1993 movie Black Hawk Down to the idea of Mogadishu as a holiday resort.

  • Ports need to revisit disaster preparedness plans in light of damage in the Philippines. CRedit: Globovision

    Prepare for the worst


    In the wake of the devastating effects of typhoon Haiyan on the Philippines, the debate has intensified as to the effects of global warming on tropical storms.

  • Will there be a return to buiyant trade in 2014?

    World trade troubles stack up


    Like last year, the World Trade Organisation now expects trade volumes to grow only slightly faster than GDP in 2013: the slowing of trade volumes that was manifest in 2012 has therefore continued into 2013. Therein lays a primary cause of the current difficult circumstances of world shipping.

  • News

    An eye on rival trade pacts


    The inter-Asia container trades are booming – notably in South East Asia and in the north.

  • Has ICTSI unwittingly wandered on to a battleground at Batumi? Credit: Barry Kent

    ICTSI stuck in the middle


    Is it energy politics, gateway politics, is it following the lead of hardened business practice deployed in the Russian energy sector or simply the actions of a new port director?

  • It's time to talk in Africa

    Open the door to dialogue


    Not for the first time a landlocked country in Africa is attempting to have a say in a remote port operation which functions as a major gateway for its import and export trade.

  • Discounting tariffs should be treated with caution

    Look out for tariff landmines


    Which way to jump – discount or no discount on port tariffs? The question is not as straightforward as it might seem.

  • News

    Wising up to Dockwise's real worth


    Boskalis, the world’s largest dredging and marine services company, has secured its objective of acquiring Dockwise which operates the world’s largest heavy lift ships.

  • News

    Playing concessioning soccer in Africa


    The political ''football'' of privatised port operations in Mombasa is being kicked around again.

  • Where there is a will there is a way

    Aim for evolution not revolution


    Re-engineering the role of a terminal after the departure of its principal client is no easy job. All the more so, when the terminal competed in a niche context in the competitive arena of Mediterranean container transhipment operations.

  • Making money count in Africa. Credit:Slashme

    Locking in funds Africa-style


    In August 2012 the Kenyan government opened a tender for the design and construction of the first three berths at the new port of Lamu, to be financed by the annual sale of 13bn shillings ($154.4m) of infrastructure bonds over five years.

  • Container lines need to take responsibility for their troubles. Credit: Louis Vest

    Shipping lines need greater discipline


    Give a big hand to the Boston Consulting group which has recently published a report that fairly and squarely lays many of the container shipping industry’s woes at its own door.

  • Private involvement is now very welcome in Central and West African ports. Credit: Slashme

    Private sector finally welcome in Africa


    The acceptance of private sector participation in ports in Africa is gaining traction, and not before time. At least that''s what a meeting of port minds in Nigeria would have us believe.

  • Someone needs to shine a light on Izmir's overestimated port capacity needs. Credit: Tambako

    The bigger picture is important


    “We can avoid reality but we cannot avoid the consequences of reality.” A famous saying that has more than a little relevance for any company that is approaching an investment in new port capacity without taking the step of independently validating the demand for such capacity via a comprehensive market ...

  • There's a hub war in Poland

    The jury's still out on Poland


    At the end of March, Hapag Lloyd announced that the G6 Asia-Europe Loop 3 service would not call at the port of Gdansk, Poland.

  • The outlook is bleak for European port projects

    The black cloud over mature Europe


    With Europe plainly in the doldrums there is a commensurate degree of lack of interest in new port projects. Certainly in the mature markets of Europe there is a widespread recognition that there are diminished prospects for achieving a sensible return on investment at least over the first seven to ...