Tideworks Technology is a full-service provider of comprehensive terminal operating system solutions for growing marine and intermodal terminal operations worldwide. Tideworks was launched in 1999 following 40 years of experience as the technology division for Carrix, Inc., which now operates more cargo terminals than any other company in the world. Today, over 120 facilities utilize our systems on a daily basis to load vessels and trains, track containers, make payments, and run their operations more efficiently.

As our organization continues evolving from its origin as a small IT service provider to a global software company, we’ve never lost sight of our roots. We take a collaborative approach to our projects, becoming an extension of the client’s own team and bringing to the table a broad range of industry experience, technical skills, and IT infrastructure. Whatever the challenge, our goal is to find the most practical terminal operating system solutions for your business.

The terminal industry has deployed a myriad of advanced technologies and will continue driving and adopting cutting-edge solutions year after year. At Tideworks, we’re the people — the employees, the customers, the family who gets to figure out how to bring it all together and make even the most radical ideas a value-driven reality.

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