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  • Port Metro Vancouver is a corporate leader when it comes to sustainability

    Environmental excellence in Vancouver


    Port Metro Vancouver has ranked once again among Corporate Knights’ 2015 Future 40 Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada in recognition of environmental excellence.

  • The Sullivan Island dry docking facility is being built on reclaimed land off Port of Spain

    Trinidad dry dock project progresses


    Trinidad Dry Dock Company (TDDC) has taken a step forward with the environmental process for its long-planned ship repair yard on Sullivan Island, part of its plan to create one of the biggest sustainable dry docks in the world.

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    AAPA supports energy projects seminar


    The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) is sponsoring a programme that will help the port and maritime industry with decision-making and facing challenges of investing in energy projects.

  • POLB wants to become a smarter port using sustainable technologies

    Green plans afoot at Long Beach


    The US Port of Long Beach (POLB) has revealed ambitious plans for congestion-beating smart systems and an all-out push to achieve energy efficient operations with wind turbines, solar cells and other clean technologies.

  • POLA’s recent environmental summit is the first in a series of meetings with stakeholders going forward

    Joined-up environmental thinking


    The Port of Los Angeles (POLA) in the US has met up with stakeholders and community leaders to further its environmental priorities and help ensure sustainable port growth going forward.

  • Phoenix is seeing an increase in demand for its lighting solutions

    Phoenix lights the way for terminals


    Lighting manufacturer, Phoenix Products Company Inc., is launching a new company specifically to serve container, intermodal and bulk terminals in response to increasing customer demand.

  • POLA is doing its best to best to aid in the collective effort towards emission reduction

    Education around emissions


    The US ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are doing their bit in terms of environmental stewardship by educating the general public on the new air pollution regulations that came into force on 1 January 2015.

  • Oakland's new project is expected to take a significant amount of trucks off the road

    Oakland works on ‘green’ logistics hub


    The Port of Oakland is joint-financing a US$25m project to link the state’s decommissioned army base to the national rail network to create a future global logistics hub.

  • The Port of San Diego is committing to funding to provide environmental education for students within the San Diego Bay watershed

    San Diego ‘green’ funding


    The Port of San Diego Board of Commissioners is dipping in to its environmental fund to provide US$384,024 in funding to environmental education programmes for students within the San Diego Bay area.

  • AMPT is beginning work on the new terminal project in Costa Rica

    APMT begins work in Costa Rica


    APM Terminals Moin is beginning work on a new terminal project in Costa Rica after receiving approval from the country’s environmental agency.

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    More support for US seaports


    The United States Congress has agreed more support for US seaports in the form of significant increases in funding for emissions reductions, maintenance tax and transport infrastructure development.

  • Oakland's clean truck programme initiated back in 2009 is paying off in terms of reducing emissions

    Dramatic reduction in emissions


    The Port of Oakland has been achieving dramatic reductions in diesel emissions according to new research by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

  • Barbados is doing its bit in terms of environmental stewardship Photo: Flickr/Roger Wollstadt

    Barbados looks to greenhouse gas ratings


    Barbados Port has signed up with the RightShip and Carbon War Room greenhouse gas rating programme, which rewards vessels with better energy efficient ratings.

  • APMT says the Costa Rican terminal is a challenging 33-year project

    APMT seals the deal for Costa Rica terminal


    APM Terminals (APMT) is playing its part in the modernisation of Costa Rica’s Limón/Moin port through the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the new Moin Container Terminal (TCM).

  • The Port of Long Beach is tackling congestion head on

    Long Beach combats congestion


    As congestion hits the second largest port in the US, a congestion relief team has been set up at the Port of Long Beach to address the what the port says is one of the main causes – a “chassis imbalance”.

  • The retrofit project is expected to result in an 85% reduction in particulate matter emissions and a 90% reduction in carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions

    Los Angeles goes green with EPA grant


    The Port of Los Angeles (POLA) is one of six US ports to receive a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that will be used to retrofit cargo handling equipment in a bid to reduce emissions.

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    Maryland ‘green’ efforts recognised


    The Maryland Port Administration (MPA) has been awarded for its environmental efforts to identify and control the impacts of activities, products and services.

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    Work begins to protect Louisiana shoreline


    Plaquemines Parish in the US state of Louisiana has begun work on the second phase of the Buras Boat Harbor Shoreline Protection Project, which will see a new matting product placed on the shoreline.

  • The port of Arica reduced carbon emissions with 5,2% within the first year.

    The port of Arica: Working towards an environmentally efficient port


    Last year, the port of Arica became the 4th Chilean port regarding the transfer of cargo volume. Due to its location, in the extreme north of Chile, Arica seaport is the port of exit of Bolivian cargo towards the Pacific, says Francisco Javier Gonzalez, Chairman of the Arica Port Company.

  • Environmental monitoring of the Savannah River is now underway

    Environmental monitoring underway in Savannah


    Environmental monitoring for the Savannah Harbour Expansion Project (SHEP) is now underway following the signing of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 earlier this year.