GreenPort Congress & Cruise confirm that the International Windship Association (IWSA) will partner with the Conference as a supporting association for the Lisbon 2023 event.

IWSA is a growing, member driven association that is encouraging, advising and advocating for the use of wind propulsion technologies in the shipping industry.

IWSA’s objective is to facilitate and promote the technology, applications and general concept of wind propulsion for the global commercial shipping industry and bring together all parties interested in catalysing the development and uptake of these technology solutions. The IWSA will increasingly play a key role in acting on behalf of our members and supporters within this sector in order to shape industry, regulators’ and international bodies’ perception of the concept of wind propulsion.

Members of the IWSA will qualify for a delegate discount at GreenPort Congress & Cruise. Taking place on 18-20 October at the Port of Lisbon, the 2023 event will focus on the key theme of Balancing Environmental Challenges with Economic Demand.

Full details of the delegate discount can be obtained directly from IWSA or, the GreenPort Congress & Cruise events team on +44 (0)1329 825335 or