Spreader cage use guidelines published

20 Mar 2017

A health & safety initiative spearheaded by TEC Container and PACECO ESPAÑA with co-operation from a number of Spanish terminals, stowage companies, Puertos del Estados and unions has borne fruit.

Started in June 2015, the programme aimed to establish a regulation in the manufacture and use of cages under spreaders.

The end result was the recent publication of Preventive Technical Note (NTP) 1083, Portainer crane. Coupled platforms: safety.

Before the publication of this NTP, operation and manufacture of cages coupled to container cranes was down to the manufacturer, operator and terminal, with no legal guidance or safe working specifications.

These cages work at height, suspending stevedores over and between piles of containers to allow lashing and unlashing to take place.

The new code of practice regulates the use of these cages, properly assessing risks and risk factors.

It is hoped that the NTP will be adopted throughout Spain, guaranteeing a new standard of safety for cage use.

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