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The Coastlink Conference introduce ‘Coastlink Live’.  These bitesize online conferences deliver expert panels looking at factors affecting the industry including economic, political and environmental considerations. Looking at the prospects for short sea and feeder shipping and how the supply chain is adapting in a post-Brexit era.

Coastlink is a neutral pan-European network dedicated to the promotion of short sea and feeder shipping, and the intermodal transport networks through the ports that support the sector.

Session 1: Short Sea Shipping: Adapting the supply chain in the post-Brexit era

With the UK and Europe seeing distinct changes in the supply chain since the start of 2021, our expert panel of speakers provide their insight into how the industry is adapting to these changes; what challenges are being faced; and what new opportunities are evolving as a result.

Take the opportunity to hear more about:

  • How the Irish sea RORO trade is switching to the Northern Ireland corridor
  • The expansion of short sea routes from Europe to the UK, and the increase in direct routes from the continent to Ireland. Do these additional routes represent a long-term shift?
  • An increased shift from accompanied to unaccompanied freight
  • What does the future hold: short term changes v’s what changes are here to stay?

Coastlink Live Session 1


Session 2: Short Sea Feeder Shipping: Navigating through road-freight supply chain challenges

This session discusses the benefits to moving freight closer to the final destination by sea, alleviating pressure on long-haul road freight and industry wide driver shortages. Find out how short sea feeder services can increase the efficiency of your supply chain.

Coastlink Live Session 2


Session 3: The road to net zero - a look at the challenges and barriers

This session discusses the challenges and barriers facing ports, short sea shipping, and the supply chain on the journey to net zero. Our panel of experts provide their insight on the actions being taken to overcome the barriers and move towards a more sustainable future.

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