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  • Long Beach is working towards zero emissions

    Moving towards zero emissions


    The Port of Long Beach is said to be ‘well on its way’ to achieving its zero-emission harbour goal, according to port officials.

  • The Port of LA is joining BNSF in appealing the CEQA ruling Photo: Paul Ottaviano

    LA appeals decision on SCIG project


    The Port of Los Angeles will join BNSF Railway in appealing against the California Superior Court ruling on the BNSF Southern California International Gateway (SCIG) Project.

  • Cordele Inland Terminal aims to save on time, transportation and emissions for customers such as Kia

    Getting boxes off the roads


    Georgia''s first inland terminal will partner with Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG), to handle up to 30,000 teu containers per year saving more than 6 million truck miles.

  • Being the Green Port is in the Port of Long Beach's DNA, says Commissioner Lori Ann Guzman. Credit: tdlucas5000

    Port of Long Beach helps battle pollution


    The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners has authorised the framework for a unique, voluntary US$46.4m programme to lessen the impacts of port-related pollution on the community.

  • BYD electrifies US port

    Electrifying Los Angeles


    BYD has launched a US$26m Green Omni Terminal Demonstration Project, which will demonstrate zero emission technologies at the Port of Los Angeles.

  • The Port of Prince Rupert launched its Green Wave vessel programme in 2013

    Raising the bar in environmental stewardship


    One innovative ship sailing between two ports is helping to raise the bar in the Americas when it comes to environmental stewardship.

  • PortsToronto is committed to reducing its environmental impact

    Minimising environmental impact


    PortsToronto has demonstrated how it’s helping to reduce its environmental impact in its 2015 Audited Financial Statements.

  • Autonomous technology at ports in California is helping to reduce emissions

    Robots help reduce emissions


    Ports in California are demonstrating how autonomous technology could revolutionise freight transport helping to achieve zero-emission freight movement across the state.

  • Long Beach is working towards a goal of operating all cargo-handling equipment on electricity or batteries

    Port equipment tax break


    Legalisation to provide a partial tax exemption for terminal operators that purchase zero-emission, or near zero-emission, cargo-handling equipment in California has been approved.

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    Next phase of the Shore Power Project


    The Port of Hueneme has announced the second half of its Shore Power Project, and confirmed that environmental stewardship remains its top priority.

  • Oakland is opening up its waterfront for public recreation

    Port waterfront environmental stewardship


    The US Port of Oakland is doing its bit to safeguard its waterfront by committing to improvements that will open up the Oakland Estuary for public recreation.

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    Genoil appoints BLUE to support industry growth


    Canadian firm Genoil Inc. (GNOLF), the clean technology engineering company for the petroleum industries, has announced the appointment of BLUE Communications Ltd, a communications and business consultancy specialising in the marine, energy and environment sectors.

  • The panels are expected to generate over $1.5m in profit for the SCPA

    SCPA brings solar power to its terminals


    The South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) has announced for solar power to be implemented at the Wando Welch and Columbus Street terminals.

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    Port Canaveral joins Green Marine programme


    The Canaveral Port Authority (CPA) has joined the Green Marine environmental certification programme.

  • All truck transactions at Pier E will be by appointment only

    Long Beach’s new Middle Harbour opening soon


    The Port of Long Beach’s new terminal, the Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT), will open on 11 March 2016.

  • Yellowline receives the HPA environmental excellence award

    Yellowline Asphalt wins Hamilton Port Authority green award


    Yellowline Asphalt Products has been awarded an environmental excellence award by Hamilton Port Authority (HPA), recognising its contribution to respecting and protecting the natural environment.

  • Emissions are down at Port of LA terminal container TraPac

    Emissions reductions targets met at TraPac container terminal


    A positive message of reduced emissions and continued environmental leadership was the key focus when Port of Los Angeles chief executive, Gene Seroka, addressed the Harbour Commission Meeting with the results of the TraPac Terminal Environmental Mitigation Measures Audit.

  • The Ben E Nutter Terminal at the Port of Oakland has reopened

    Port of Oakland marine terminal re-opens


    A Port of Oakland marine terminal has re-opened following two months of modernisation to improve cargo handling.

  • Gene Seroka vows to find a way to fix the China Shipping issue at Port of LA

    Port of LA rolling back on pollution measures?


    The Port of LA has responded to claims from the media that it gave China Shipping North America permission to ignore emission-reduction requirements, arguing that it is already tackling the issue.

  • Port of Long Beach has surpassed all air pollution reduction milestones

    Long Beach air pollution reduction


    The Port of Long Beach has announced that it has surpassed all air pollution reduction milestones set for 2014.