Raoul Tan, Director of Naviporta at the Port of Rotterdam, will be sharing his insights at Coastlink on how to propel seamless cross border trade between EU and UK with technological advancements.

Raoul Tan


Each year, around 40 billion euros worth of freight are exported from the Netherlands to the UK. Since Brexit, this has become a lot more complicated and time-consuming. It was for this reason that a new service called Quay Connect was developed on Naviporta, the independent blockchain platform for the logistics industry.

What makes the service unique is the automatic exchange of information with the customs authorities at ports in the United Kingdom. Consequently, exporters now have the ability to fully digitise and streamline the export and customs process. The first live shipment has already been carried out, and it is believed that using this solution will save at least 30% on the cost of each customs clearance.

‘By working with the market to apply new technologies, we are making the port and international trade flows smarter and more efficient. This lets us minimise all forms of waste in terms of time, money, manpower and emissions,’ explains Raoul Tan, Director of Naviporta.

The Naviporta platform, which was initiated by the Port of Rotterdam Authority, will make sure that logistical and financial data can be shared transparently, efficiently, and securely. In the near future, in addition to Quay Connect, other new services will be introduced to the market, enabling shippers and logistics companies to further optimise their supply chains.

Join Raoul at the Coastlink Conference, taking place on 11 & 12 May 2022 at the Port of Antwerp. Don’t miss the chance to book one of the remaining delegate places at this event – click here to book online or, contact Joanna Miller on +44 1329 825335 for further information or email info@coastlink.co.uk.