Hear from Alexandra Herdman, Senior Policy Manager at Logistics UK on the vital role modal shift can play in building supply chain resilience.


Alexandra will join the Coastlink Conference on day one, 24 April during session two ‘Advancing Supply Chain Resilience & Embracing The Benefits Of Modal Shift’.

Whether domestic or international, making supply chains efficient and safe is the main objective of Logistics UK and one way to achieve this is to move more goods by rail and water. In this session, Alexandra Herdman will discuss the huge advantages of modal shift and the key factors it can play within the supply chain, especially in the process of building resilience.

Alexandra added “Modal shift is a hot topic in the UK this year as budget restraints begin to loom heavy over a modal shift grant system that is due to end in 2024/2025. What is universal about modal shift are the benefits it provides. In a world where net zero is a constant buzz word, modal shift from road to rail or water is a key enabler of reducing emissions. It also reduces congestion, making the roads quieter and safer.”

Alexandra Herdman is a Senior Policy Manager at Logistics UK, representing members across all modes of the logistics sector. Her portfolio includes air, water, skills and planning. A qualified project manager, Alexandra has an MSc in Global Challenges from the University of Edinburgh, which had a strong focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, decarbonisation, global health and international development.

Join Alexandra at Coastlink 2024 on the 24 & 25 April, hosted by the Port of Amsterdam. Take the opportunity to network with industry experts and discuss the latest developments in sustainable logistics and the short sea shipping sector.

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