The full range of Hyster materials handling equipment, from pallet trucks to container handlers, plays a key role in many port centric operations. Hyster remains the only full line lift truck supplier providing a complete solution to transfer goods from ship to store.

Enabling the unloading of containers close to a port so that palletised freight moves inland and empty containers can be returned straight to the exporting berth is not new, but it is an increasingly popular supply chain model.

The complete Hyster range includes Reach Stackers, laden and empty container handlers, high lift capacity (up to 48 tonnes) forklift trucks, Fortens® IC forklift trucks from 2-9 tonne lift capacity, electric forklift trucks and a variety of warehouse equipment. From Ship to Shore to Store

Hyster ReachStackers and Container Handlers, used to transfer and stack shipping containers in ports and terminals, are reported to offer significant savings in fuel costs thanks to the optimised powertrain configuration. By using Stage IIIA and Stage IV engines, which are combined with customised software also for transmission and hydraulics, this results in an efficient low fuel consumption powertrain specifically for container handling operations.

Hyster equipment helps businesses to achieve greater efficiency and optimise port centric picking and packing operations. Our aim is to keep businesses moving and we have made a significant investment in developing some of the toughest and most reliable warehouse trucks on the market.

While reliability is fundamental with regards to costs, throughput and driver productivity, other factors contribute to the ultimate goal of reducing the customer’s total cost of ownership, such as energy efficiency and truck performance.

Once in operation, the fleet can be managed effectively with the new Hyster Tracker, a Wireless Access Monitoring System that helps keep tough Hyster forklift trucks running for even longer and even more productively.

All Hyster products are supported worldwide by a network of highly trained dealers providing expert, responsive local service and a single point of contact for the full range of Hyster equipment used across the port area and hinterland.

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