Senior Commercial Executive & Head of Sales, Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal (HPEI), ECT Rotterdam

Marilyne van Hoey SmithPic

Marilyne van Hoey Smith brings over a decade of expertise in the maritime and logistics industry, with specialized knowledge in container transport systems and intermodal networks. With a modular executive MBA, focused on Sustainability & Systemic Change and various roles in Germany and Hong Kong she has significant experience in the sector. Since joining the industry, she has demonstrated strategic leadership and a steadfast dedication to innovation within global logistics.

Current Duties and Responsibilities:
- Oversees sales strategy and commercial activities at HPEI.
- Directs initiatives to improve efficiency and sustainability in container transportation.
- Leads a robust sales team to achieve targets, cultivating a culture of success.

Marilyne’s strategic acumen and adept leadership continue to drive Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal’s growth, ensuring its status as a powerhouse in the intermodal transport sector.