Host Port

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As host port for 2025, the Port of Bilbao welcomes delegates to the Coastlink conference. 

The leading port for the Atlantic route, Port of Bilbao, will host the 23rd edition of the conference which discusses and debates the topics that really matter to the short sea shipping industry.

Andima Ormaetxe, Director for Operations, Commercial, Logistics and Strategy at the Port of Bilbao further commented “We as a port are very much looking forward to welcoming both speakers and delegates to Bilbao in 2025. As a multimodal port on the Atlantic Arc with more than 700 years of history; sustainability is at the core of our values, as we work to create an environmentally and socially responsible port of the future. We are pleased to be working with the Coastlink Conference to host the 2025 event…”.

The Port of Bilbao offer a direct communication gateway between Spain and Europe as a flexible and dynamic port, capable of receiving any type of vessel or cargo with specialised services for all traffics.

With an over 700-year history, the port’s facilities are located across 400 hectares of land and offer multiple specialised terminals for both cargoes and traffics including break-bulk and container, in addition to liquid and solid bulks. The Port of Bilbao’s multimodal connections offer a key link with the main Spanish and European roadway and railway networks, producing a smooth and direct freight movement route, for both a fast and sustainable supply chain link.

The Port of Bilbao’s strategic pillars include environmental sustainability, competitive services, and the generation of economic growth - with the development of greener and digital shipping corridors as an additional priority. This has been recently highlighted with a new collaboration announced between the Port of Bilbao and the Port of Amsterdam who together with the Energy Agency of the Basque Government (EVE) and partners, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to join forces in the development of a renewable hydrogen corridor between Bilbao and Amsterdam. The corridor will focus on the maritime route between the two ports and further showcases the Port of Bilbao’s commitment to sustainable shipping solutions.