CEO, KEME Energy, Lda

Graduated in Computer Science from the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon and completed an MBA from the University of Narrava in Spain.

He began his professional activity in the telecommunications area, having worked for several companies such as Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture), integrating the Utilities, Telecommunications and Government group; Deloite Consulting, responsible for the Energy sector in the areas of CRM, strategic planning of information systems and e-business; and Galp Enova, where he served as director, responsible for several innovative e-Business initiatives at Galp Energia, which enabled the use of many and varied electronic services based on R&D.

He performed corporate functions at Galp Energia as Director of Innovation and Electronic Business. He founded SelfEnergy, a pioneering company and specialist in the areas of sustainability programs, energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart cities, recognized as the first Portuguese ESCo in the development of integrated energy services. Expanded the company by internationalizing it in the UK and 4 more countries, starting projects on 3 continents helping to develop ESCOs in India (New Delhi), Mozambique, Brazil, Kenya and Angola. He is currently CEO of SelfEnergy UK and has become a certified business angel with stakes in many other companies linked to the sector.