Senior Research Analyst, Toepfer Transport GmbH


Sabine Kilper is an experienced shipping expert in the multipurpose (MPP) / heavylift and general cargo market segment through various positions in chartering and research with recognized shipowners, shipbrokers and ship operators. Since 2021 Sabine has been dedicated to the shortsea shipping market and the analysis of the shortsea fleet, newbuilding activities and the publication of shipping reports and relevant market index.

As Market Analyst in the field of MPP and shortsea shipping at Toepfer Transport GmbH, Sabine is responsible for research and publication of the monthly Toepfer Transport’s Short Sea Shipping Report, the Toepfer Transport Shortsea Index (TSI) as well as bespoke research products with the ambition to provide in-depth insight into fleet and market developments that add value to the evolution of the coaster segment and to stakeholders engaged in European short sea trades.

Toepfer Transport GmbH, founded 1974, is a sale and purchase and newbuilding shipbroker in Hamburg with offices in Singapore and Shanghai. Its dedicated market research and analytics department offers market intelligence to external clients, primarily focusing on multipurpose and shortsea shipping.