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From ship to shore: the journey of consumer goods, powered by Michelin tire solutions

Before consumer goods reach customers, they travel thousands of miles, from the factories where they are manufactured, to the ships and planes that transport them between countries, to finally reach stores where customers make their purchase.

This journey, which stretches over weeks and long distances, requires a wide range of vehicles, most of which are using tires to transfer engine power to the ground in order to move the goods.

Here’s the potential trip a new bike purchase could be making from the factory to the end customer:


  Fresh off the assembly line, our bicycle is packaged in a box that is then mounted on a pallet, which a forklift carries from the factory floor to the transport truck.
Depending on the application your forklifts work in, Michelin offers pneumatic (radial and bias) and solid (press-on and resilient) tire solutions.

  The truck transports the bicycle from the factory to the port in a container trailer.
Michelin offers a wide range of radial tires for trucks and trailers.

  The straddle carrier picks up the container from the trailer to bring it by the ship, close to a crane.
Michelin’s radial tire for straddle carriers is the MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2.

  A crane moves the container from the straddle carrier onto the ship.
Given that they run on rails, cranes do not require tires.

  The ship transports our bicycle alongside many, many other consumer goods to its destination port. 

  At the destination port, another crane unloads the container from the ship onto the trailer of a terminal truck.
Given that they run on rails, cranes do not require tires.
   With its trailer, the terminal truck then moves the bike container away from the ship and closer to the reach stacker that will load it onto a transport truck. Michelin offers one radial tire specifically designed for terminal trucks: the MICHELIN X TERMINAL-T, and one bias tire, the SOLIDEAL Hauler LT.
There are five solutions for terminal trailers: the MICHELIN X TERMINAL-T in radial, the SOLIDEAL SM SL +, SOLIDEAL RES 660 Xtreme series and the SOLIDEAL HT BOMBER in solid resilient, as well as the SOLIDEAL SM SRP/SRP+ in press-on.
Michelin also manufactures wheels, which can be delivered in full assemblies mounted on tires.

  The reach stacker removes the container from the trailer to load it on the transport truck.
Michelin offers three radial solutions for reach stackers: the MICHELIN XZM 2 +, the MICHELIN X-STACKER 2 and the MICHELIN X-STACKER 2 LC.

  The truck transports the bicycle from the port to the store where it will be sold.
Michelin offers a wide range of radial tires for trucks.

  When the truck reaches the store, a forklift unloads the bike’s pallet to bring it in the store’s warehouse.
Depending on the application your forklifts work in, Michelin offers pneumatic (radial and bias) and solid (press-on and resilient) tires.

  The customer reaches the store by car to purchase their bike.
Michelin offers multiple mobility solutions for passenger cars and SUVs.

  And last but not least, our final product, the bike itself, is delivered to the end customer.
Even here, Michelin offers a wide variety of tire solutions for road bikes, mountain bikes and more!

Michelin is by your side along the journey as goods travel from factory to ship, from ship to shore, from port to customer. We will always help you find a better way forward, as you deliver on your efficiency targets.

As committed off-the-road solutions providers, we understand the challenges of today and tomorrow’s Ports industry. We developed our expertise in the field with our clients and partners, embarking on every journey with confidence, ingenuity and perseverance.

We have a complete portfolio of solutions specifically designed for ports and terminals that includes all tire technologies from pneumatics (radial and bias) to solids (resilient and press-on). Michelin teams, working together as your dedicated partner, are there to help our clients meet today’s safety and turnaround time challenges.

Our commitment: providing the best cost of ownership. Our solutions can manage the toughest load and speed requirements, such as twin lift operations or shuttle carriers.

Our focus on increasing wear life and thermal performance comes from understanding each application to prevent downtime.

Through preventative maintenance and fleet management tools like the Tire Care TMPS system, we can reduce downtime and reduce safety issues. Michelin’s Tire Care TPMS monitors pressure and temperature, to then warn operators when there is deflation or heat build-up, thus ensuring longer lasting tires.

We’re always striving to do business in a more sustainable way, which also applies to the solutions we’re developing for the ports of tomorrow. Thanks to strong and close relationships with our clients, our ambition is to be a key partner in the race for automation and sustainable operations.

Here is a short animation of our Michelin X- Straddle 2 tire in action