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  • US west coast labour crisis over

    The Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) says it is confident a new labour deal has been reached between with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) over a new five-year contract covering workers at all 29 west coast ports. 23 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Panamanian port challenges

    Whether they are being used as a port of call or as a cruise stopover, Panamanian ports will see an increase in calls over the next few years, but one expert warns that users should be aware that they still present certain challenges to cargo interests. 19 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Reducing emissions across the whole supply chain

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) says the new International Workshop Agreement (IWA 16) is a major step forward in achieving joined up thinking across the whole logistics support chain, including at ports and terminals. 19 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Labour dispute drags on

    Labour discussions are still underway to try to resolve the US west coast ports crisis with the Whitehouse arbitrator ushered in to help end the labour disputes this week. 18 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • ICTSI moves in on Iraq

    International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI) is taking advantage of new opportunities in developing Iraq, with expansion planned for its Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT) at the Port of Umm Qasr. 18 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Liebherr cranes boost Belgian activity

    Liebherr Maritime Cranes has delivered two of its strongest ever new mobile harbour cranes (LHM to Katoen Natie NV, which, as a result, has set a new benchmark in terms of lifting capacity at Antwerp. 16 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Kalmar hybrid shuttles bound for US

    Three new Kalmar hybrid shuttle carriers are bound for the US Port of Virginia with the aim of both helping increase terminal capacity and the port to attain its sustainability goals. 16 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Le Havre aims high for 2020

    HAROPA’s Port 2000 in Le Havre is gearing up to achieve a throughput of 4.8m teu by 2020, an increase of 50%, and it has a clear strategy in place to achieve its target. 16 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • More US operations suspended

    Premium-pay weekend and holiday vessel operations are being temporarily suspended at US West Coast ports while costly union slowdowns continue and the cargo backlog worsens. 13 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • ITF calls for Italian port authority overhaul

    A new port authority structure is needed for the Italian port system to fill in “gaps” and put an end to ongoing “critical” problems, says the International Transport Forum. 13 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Oakland cargo backlog

    The US Port of Oakland, like other major west coast container seaports, is facing a significant cargo build-up since the recent suspension of operations by the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA). 12 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • The big draw

    Automation poses some tough power supply-related questions for ports, explains Stevie Knight 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Compliments and comments

    COMMENT: The development plan for Hong Kong Port, released December 2014, makes interesting reading for port planners and developers; my compliments to all stakeholders including the consultant BMT Asia Pacific, writes Peter de Langen. 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Beyond LNG

    Should ports prepare for a rise in methanol and hydrogen take-up, asks Stevie Knight 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • From famine to feast

    Port Strategy explores the growing container handling capacity of West African ports 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Ports of partnerships

    For ports, making the right partnerships is now more important than ever. Maurice Jansen explains 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Out of the frying pan

    COMMENT: Things are getting serious on the US West Coast: due in part to ongoing negotiations with labour at US West Coast ports not enough potatoes have been getting through to Japan for McDonald’s to meet demand for its French fries, writes Mike Mundy. 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Wood works

    A timber handling renaissance is bringing benefits for ports with space to spare. John Bensalhia reports 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Mediterranean battleground

    COMMENT: With top of the range containership sizes heading over the 20,000 teu mark and new mega alliance start-ups underway, Mediterranean transhipment operations are heading into a new era. 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Building a future

    Dave and Iain Macintyre explain why a change in government has thrown the spotlight on Victoria's port options 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Digitalisation: not my business?

    Kalmar's Frank Kho explains the benefits that increased digitalisation brings to the port sector 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • The smaller picture

    Iain and Dave MacIntyre explain why South Port underlines the relevance of the regions in New Zealand 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy