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  • Closing the gap: port maintenance

    When it comes to maintenance of port infrastructure, most owners and operators believe more needs to be done to ensure standards are met, according to the latest Trelleborg Marine System Barometer Report. 28 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Terex expands Russian presence

    Equipment expert, Terex Port Solutions, is expanding its presence in Russia with its fourth portal harbour crane in Vladistok. 28 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Laying carbon foundations

    Finding ‘greener’ ways to operate a port is one thing – but what about the carbon footprint of the actual construction phase? Felicity Landon reports 28 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Foreign ownership sparks security debate

    Gulftainer’s recent agreement to run the cargo terminal at Port Canaveral in Florida has sparked the security debate up again surrounding the foreign ownership of US infrastructure potentially compromising national security. 28 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Tauranga profit top-up

    New Zealand’s Port of Tauranga is set for growth following an increase in profit and volume for the year to 30 June 2014. 27 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • The idiosyncrasies of economics

    COMMENT: The life of an economist is truly challenging. We are always blamed for getting things wrong and accused of finding great excuses of why we should have been on the mark with our projections. When if we get things right it is rarely remembered for long, writes Ben Hackett. 27 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Crane automation at Long Beach

    International Transport Service (ITS) will be automating its cranes at its Long Beach terminal in California, US, in order to improve accuracy and customer service. 27 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Come rain or shine

    Hyster's Chris van de Werdt discusses the challenges of the harsh port operating environment 27 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Propping up the Omani economy

    Sohar’s Freezone chief executive, Jamal Aziz, says that the port will become an even more important contributor to the Omani economy as Dubai cargo costs continue to rise. 26 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • M&A business booms in low-risk US terminals

    Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has picked up again in the US container terminal sector, as investors look to low priced, low-risk options, according to Drewry Shipping Consultants. 26 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • More than just weighing

    TT Club's Laurence Jones explains that there's more to twistlock technology than simply weighing 26 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Cut out the stress

    Greater automation and computer control is gaining ground in VTS, but there is uncertainty over the limits, writes Martin Rushmere 25 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Ensuring security with modular system

    UK-based Securiclad has developed a modular composite panel system designed to withstand high level attacks in a range of applications, including cargo terminals and ports. 22 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • New ports legislation adopted in Chile

    Chile’s Senate Committee on Labour and Social Security has adopted ‘Short Port Law’, amending the Labour Code and the Law on Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases for dockworkers. 22 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Problems remain with Santos dredging ambitions

    While Santos Port Authority (CODESP) continues to harbour ambitions to deepen the existing draft of 13.2m, Brazil's Chief Minister for Ports, César Borges has warned that over-budget quotes for the deepening works could stunt progress. 22 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Evolving landscapes

    GIS technology is constantly evolving to meet the operational requirements of ports, as John Bensalhia discovers 22 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Ebola concerns spread to South America

    Ebola concerns continue as more ports in Africa have issued bans against affected vessels, and now South American ports are following in their footsteps. 21 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • India's political push

    A new government has the potential to do wonders for India's port and terminal industry as Iain MacIntyre explains 21 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Labour disputes diverting cargo

    Global ratings agency, Fitch Ratings, says that the effects of the labour disputes at US west coast ports are beginning to show, with cargo being diverted setting the stage for broader economic impacts. 20 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • US port congestion forum

    The US Federal Maritime Commission is holding a public forum on tackling port congestion and all industry stakeholders, regulators and the general public are being urged to attend. 20 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Lifting local spirits

    COMMENT: The traffic reports on New York area drive-time radio have revealed that the Bayonne Bridge will be seeing closures on weekends and during overnight hours, as work continues on the 'Raise the Roadway' project, writes Barry Parker. 20 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • The hidden message

    H&S campaigns falling short? There may be more to the message than the signpost finds Stevie Knight 20 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy