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  • Konecranes RTGs for West Africa

    Konecranes has secured a repeat order for thirteen Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes from the Bolloré Group. 13 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Kalmar wins mammoth Colombia order

    Kalmar has won a €45m RTGs and terminal tractor order from Columbia’s Sociedad Portuaria Region de Cartagena SA (SPRC) and Terminal de Contenedores de Cartagena SA (Contecar). 13 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Singapore plans autonomous truck convoys

    PSA International is joining forces with Singapore’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) to test and develop an autonomous truck 'platooning' system that promises to increase productivity at the port. 12 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • APMT kits out Savono-Vado

    APM Terminals is investing in new equipment for the new Vado terminal currently under construction on Italy’s Ligurian coast. 12 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Straits of Gibraltar port cluster mooted

    José Llorca’s proposal to create a Gibraltar Straits port cluster has been publicly supported by Algeciras Bay Port Authority (APBA). 12 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Living with paradoxes

    Maurice Jansen examines how ports can better face ever more complex issues 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Getting the message out

    COMMENT: Our innate ability to overtly promote ourselves as an industry means that we are failing to get the message out about the significance and the excitement of ports. We need some fresh thinking, writes Carly Fields. 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Depth perceptions

    US East Coast ports are going deep, but it's not all about the depth of water on offer, explains Martin Rushmere 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Reflections on glass

    The glass industry is opening handling windows for ports. John Bensalhia reports 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Freewheeling finesse

    Ports can mitigate the huge cost headache of tyres with some clever choices, explains Stevie Knight 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • What price Piraeus port sale?

    COMMENT: Husnu Ozyegin, president of Fiba Holding, has done it again. Fiba is the owner of a 65% stake in Turkish container terminal Kumport and Ozyegin and has confirmed the sale of the Fiba group’s shareholding for a reported $940m, writes Mike Mundy. 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Better together

    XVELA's Manuel Perez discusses the urgent need to improve synergies between terminals and carriers 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • The hard line

    Relax on health and safety in ports? Not a chance, says the ITF's Paddy Crumlin 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Getting back in sync

    COMMENT: In the past, I’ve sounded off about the port side of the business being out of sync with the carrier side: vessels are, frankly, way too big for terminals, writes Barry Parker. 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Puerto Bahia up for sale

    The next major phase of expansion of unit load traffic in the hub port of Cartagena will be at Puerto Bahia, the new dry cargo port. And the burning issue of the moment is which terminal operating company will oversee the forecast expansion. 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Port co-operation and mega-ships

    COMMENT: In the, often heated, discussions on the effects of mega-ships on shoreside infrastructure, let’s include the question of co-operation between nearby ports, writes Peter de Langen. 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Take cover

    The Tianjin disaster is a timely reminder for ports to check their insurance liabilities, explains Dave MacIntyre 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Unbridled determination

    Disputes seemingly can't stop the Mubarak Al Kabeer juggernaut. Richard Rowe reports 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Think hard about the yard

    Bright Light Systems' John Chalmers shines the spotlight on plasma technology 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Is Ukraine's optimism misplaced?

    COMMENT: Your Economist recently spent two days attending a conference on container shipping and ports in Odessa, where the popular catchphrase is “victory, freedom and peace” in that order, writes Ben Hackett. 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Virtually there

    Rapidly advancing virtual reality technology is helping ports to look into the future, finds Felicity Landon 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy

  • How remote can 'remote' be?

    ABB's Fredrik Johanson considers the possibility of control centres for multi-terminal remote crane operation 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy