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  • Time for a touch of humanity

    COMMENT: A life at sea is not the glamorous posting that it used to be. Long stretches away from family and friends, limited social cohesion because of a lack of common language and risk of attack or even hijack in some parts of the world, writes Carly Fields. 12 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Big cargo, huge issues

    Can a port really do much to attract project cargo? Maybe - but at a price finds Stevie Knight 12 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • LA-LB congestion proves costly

    Terminal operators at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have gone all out to try to relieve some of the persistent congestion, but the problem shows no signs of stopping. 11 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Lean and mean

    Can methodologies such as Six Sigma and 5S be applied in the ports environment? Felicity Landon reports 11 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Save your energy

    Ports might be missing out by chasing the wrong energy savings. Stevie Knight takes a look at the issues 08 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Stop the spread

    Ebola has forced a tightening up of health regulation enforcement, says Martin Rushmere 07 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Time to step up

    While AIS has its benefits, ports need to move past simple identification, as Martin Rushmere explains 07 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Chile boosts port infrastructure

    Chile's Under-secretary for Transport, Cristián Bowen, has announced that the government is to introduce a series of port upgrades over the next 20 years as a means of boosting competitiveness. 07 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Ebola fails to dent Monrovia trade

    Freeport Monrovia has yet to suffer a single day of downtime due to the Ebola virus, says Peder Sondergaard, chief executive Africa and Middle East of concessionaire APM Terminals. 07 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • APMT hits back at Monrovia claims

    In Liberia, elected representative George Mulbah has accused APM Terminals of failing to upgrade the Free Port of Monrovia in line with its concession agreement. 07 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Malaysia sets its sights on ABP

    It has been suggested that Malaysia’s largest state pension fund is to make a US$2bn bid for a stake in UK port operator, Associated British Ports (ABP). 06 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Community giving

    Port community funds can create a real impact by supporting local charities and organisations. Felicity Landon reports 06 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Ease of automation at Brisbane

    The main drivers for automation are being ably demonstrated at Patrick’s automated straddle terminal in Brisbane, Australia, says the operator. 05 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Walking the economic tightrope

    The US continues to expand its economy but this is not enough to stop the sharp volatility in the stock markets, the volatility in exchange rates and the flattening out of trade. 05 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Changing financing course

    COMMENT: Before the financial crash in 2008, port finance got very sexy - a spate of deals done circa 2006-2007 saw all manner of 'privatisations' where port operators sold their crown jewels to investment funds for vast sums, and leased them back, writes Barry Parker. 05 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Big plans for Busan

    Busan Port Authority (BPA) says it’s ramping up development at the world’s fifth largest port - both to make it the logistics hub of Northeast Asia and keep up with projected demand. 05 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Philippines congestion limits US shipments

    As congestion in the Philippines continues to worsen, Maersk Line has doubled its surcharge and is limiting shipments from the US. 04 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Building alliances

    HFW's Anthony Woolich discusses the implications of the fall of P3 and the rise of 2M 04 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Getting more for less

    Carly Fields spoke with Navis’ Frederik Stork about the need for the company’s optimisation team to boost productivity 03 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Investing in developing countries

    Some of the world’s largest asset management and private equity firms have joined together in a new initiative which may help to unlock billions of dollars for private investment in infrastructure in the developing world. 30 Oct 2014 - Port Strategy

  • ‘No shortage’ of investor interest

    There is “no shortage” of investor interest in the port and particularly the container terminal sector, according to consultant Drewry. 29 Oct 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Thailand focus on small ports

    Thailand plans to build an unspecified number of small ports to ease the cost of moving goods within the country. 29 Oct 2014 - Port Strategy