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  • The need for robust safety inductions

    At last, the ‘safety first’ message seems to be getting through, says TT Club's Laurence Jones. In the past, it might have been a prominent sign placed at the main gate of a facility. Once past the gate though, safety was forgotten; operations always came first. 27 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Houston traffic stunted by waterway closure

    A collision in the Houston Ship Channel shut down the waterway for three days in March as the US Coast Guard worked to clean up the 168,000 gallons of bunker fuel oil spilt. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • BNCT powers on with expansion project

    Korea’s BNCT is pushing ahead with development works despite having 400,000 teu of spare capacity available. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • US FMC gives nod to P3

    US Federal Maritime Commission commissioner William P Doyle has voted in favour of the P3 Network Vessel Sharing Agreement. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Height and illumination first for LEDs

    Lighting specialist AAA-LUX has fitted LED floodlights at a 45 metre height at the Rietlanden terminal in the port of Amsterdam, delivering a height and illumination quality that “has never been shown before” in the port industry, according to the company. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • North European ports pick up the pace

    North European Hamburg-Le Havre range ports are expected to break through the “seemingly invincible” 40m teu ceiling in 2014, having failed to make the mark in 2013. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Seattle and Tacoma information sharing permitted

    The Federal Maritime Commission has unanimously voted to allow the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma to continue with a co-operation agreement that will see them exchange information on matters of “mutual interest”. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Stockholm to benefit from E14m TEN-T funding

    The Port of Stockholm’s infrastructure project has received a funding boost from the European Union’s TEN-T Programme. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Global port expansion expected in 2014

    This year could mark the “first year for the expansion of global ports” since the worldwide economic crisis, according to the Shanghai International Shipping Institute. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Dealing with the fallout

    However you add it up the container shipping industry is experiencing turbulent times. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Time to get to grip with reforms

    India’s 2013-14 GDP data will be released at the end of March and expectations are that it will be an even lower figure than the decade-low of 5% achieved at the end of March 2013. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Applying the economic paradox

    We have come across the term 'paradox', when the opposite of what one expects happens; can we apply it to economics? Of course we can. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • The Europe versus Asia debate continues

    Cargotec container equipment specialist Kalmar received orders for around 100 rubber-tyred gantry cranes in both 2012 and 2013, Raimo Ukkonen, vice president rubber-tyred gantry cranes, tells Port Strategy. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • US East Coast loses out to inland ports

    The winter weather has proved a problem for US East Coast ports like New York and New Jersey, and their loss could be Montreal’s gain. 25 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • The next step

    Port equipment specialist ZPMC is looking to build on its global dominance, as Alex Hughes finds out 25 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy